Six basic exercises Mindfulness


What does this actually is, mindful? And how can you learn it? Go start with these six tips.

Focus your attention in the morning before you go out of bed and before falling asleep to your breathing.  Take a deep breath for five times carefully.

Choose a daily activity and do it with attention, such as yard work, showering, dressing. Do it slowly so that you are aware of what you feel, see, hear, smell and taste.

Sit back and notice how your thoughts come naturally and go by itself. Consider them as events that in the present that flow ‘in and out’.

Talk and listen attentively during conversations with others. Notice when your mind wanders, for example, to what you want to say later. Try not to judge the content of what is being said.

Are you having unpleasant thoughts and feelings, then put it kindly away, without having to be observed or to search for a solution.

Take regular three minutes ‘breathing space’ in your pursuits. Ask yourself three questions: How is it to me? How is my breathing right now? How does my body?