Read how much your dogs loves you. This letter will give you tears in your eyes!


Most of us love their dog. Immensely. They give us warmth and comfort when we need it most. Sometimes it seems like we can really talk to our dogs, and here’s a suggestion of how this might sound.

Read this text about on how your dog really thinks about you (in our opinion).

I am your dog and I want to tell you this: I know that people have a stressful life. You have a job and maybe you have to educate your children. You seem to always be in a hurry, and you often forget to take the time to really enjoy life.

Take a good look at me. See how my big brown eyes are looking back at you? My gaze is less clear as I get older. I’m starting to get gray hairs around my soft muzzle. I can still see the love in your eyes.

What do you see in mine? Can you see my soul? Someone who more than anyone on this earth loves you? Someone who forgives all, and just wants to be with you?

This is all I ask you occasionally to spend some time with me, if only for a few minutes. Often it seems that you are looking at your screen for example, to other dogs, which are already deceased.

Sometimes we die too soon and too fast and it breaks your heart. Sometimes we are so slow aging that you will not even notice. Despite my moist eyes and gray nose, I will never cease to love you.

I cannot be there tomorrow or next week. One day you will have more sorrow to me than you thought possible and you’ll wish you could still spend one day with me.

But today I’m here, so come sit down with me and let’s enjoy each other.

Do not talk to me like you are my teacher, but as I am a living soul. Pat my coat, look me in the eye and talk to me.

You want to share your life with someone to share your feelings and memories, well here I am!

I’m a dog, a living being. I can feel and see the difference between the different characters in humans. I don’t see you as a dog on two legs – I know who you are. You are a man and despite your quirks I love you.

Just come here and sit with me on the ground. Step into my world. Look me in the eyes and whisper in my ears. Speak from your heart and let me really know. Life is too short.

So please … Come sit with me and enjoy the beautiful moments that we have together.

I love you.

Your dog

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