Please to meet you: SweePee Rambo, ugliest dog in the world


please-to-meet-you-sweepee-rambo-ugliest-dog-in-the-world-happyhealthy-petsDozens horrible dogs, one even uglier than the other. But the 17-year-old SweePee Rambo is really the ugliest in the world. The Blind Chihuahua  was noticed for her blue eyes and blond crest. But it was her crooked legs that took extra ugly the jury.


SweePee Rambo has three times before participated in the annual contest of ugliness in California, but every time she did not manage to win. The chihuahua and her owner Jason Wurtz won this time and go home with the title and a price of around $ 1000. Also obviously SweePee Rambo gets a trophy back home.



Owner Jason is proud of his dog. He bought Rambo seventeen years ago for his ex-wife. When the couple got divorced, his ex refused to take the dog. For the reason, yes, she was a too ugly animal..


This yplease-to-meet-you-sweepee-rambo-ugliest-dog-in-the-world-happyhealthy-petsear is the 28th time that dozens of four-legged friends compete against each other in Petaluma. The jury does not only gives points for ugliness, but also internally, first impression and bold accessories. A terrible breath also scores points.

According to the organization the festival proves that beauty is also in dogs inside. “Dogs get as much attention, everybody loves them,” said Erin Post from the organization told Reuters. “They say you’re so ugly it’s cute!”

Last year, the decennial Quasimodo received the award. As the name suggests, the Dutch Shepherd had  a hunchback.