Man takes ill dog on legendary road trip

ill dog
ill dog

The last months of the incurable sick dog of Robert Kruger from US Nebraska had to be ‘legendary’. The animal lover added deeds to his words.


Robert Kugler was an emotional wreck when he heard that his dog had cancer. Robert had the animal since took nine years ago at home, they are best buddies.

The Labrador, which a leg was amputated by an bone cancer would die. “But I did not think I would come home one day and she’s sudden death,” the dog owner tells CNN.



No, the last phase of the life of Bella had to be memorable. Legendary. So Robert decided, and took the dog on a big road trip through America. “I do not care that it’s a dog,” he says. “With this animal I have the best band I’ve ever had with a living being.”

Bella saw the sunset at the famous Lake Erie, relaxed in a park in Cleveland, posed for murals in Detroit, she admired the Niagara Falls, drove through the forests of Kentucky, climbed the Adirondack Mountains in New York, visited Harvard University, walked through the streets of Philadelphia and visited the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

‘Love one another’


All visits Robert explained it with his camera and he posted those pictures on Instagram and Facebook, where he scored a lot of likes. “I want to inspire people to go out, to love each other, and make new friends. I wanted to have a good excuse to spend time with my dog.”


Bella does, according to circumstances, fine at the moment. The doctors gave her three to six months last year, but Bella is still there. They are sometimes during the road trip panic stroke Robert in Florida . When he thinks, oh God, I have to miss her shortly and I can’t handle it. “But so   metimes I look at her while she plays and I think, yes, she will have a peaceful end.”  All pictures © Robert Kugler / Instagram