Losing fat, What’s the secret? Unusual Tips to quickly burn stubborn belly fat!


Unusual Tips to quickly burn stubborn belly fat and get flat or flat stomach of your dreams

Everyone wants to be losing some pounds. And often you want it in the shortest possible time! To lose a few pounds around the abdomen, buttocks or your legs! Who would not want that? Often it seems very easy to burn fat. Eat less and exercise more! Unfortunately, it is often just more complex than it seems to lose fat as possible. Therefore, it is smart to look a little further. Fat loss is often related to your hormones. If your you get your hormones in order you will lose fat easier.  

When do you lose fat?

Fat loss occurs when you start burning fat. Burning fat is by doing sports or plenty of exercise. Often the first 5 to 15 minutes is used to burn of the carbohydrates you have left. Then you go to burn your body fat. If you eat fewer carbohydrates than it often will go a lot faster. Many people wonder why they have fat in specific areas of their body. Fats are stored in the body. And hormones determine where this happens. That’s why you often see women with more fat around the thighs and hips than the belly. Wih men, you often see that there is  fat around the abdomen. If you have a lot of fat around the hips getting there is often an imbalance of your estrogen levels. You can correct this well by avoiding specific foods. Think of meat from the meat industry, soy products, industrially processed food (processed food) and sugar-rich foods and bread, pasta and potatoes. Even more strength training instead of cardio training will help the female body to get less fat around the hips and thighs. Do you have a lot of fat around your abdomen? Then you could suffer from stress hormones. You can reduce it by drinking less coffee and alcohol. It is also important to get enough sleep. In addition, eat less carbs and lower your stress. Eat more walnuts as you can!

Nutrition: the secret to fat loss

Fat loss is possible by eating smarter and wiser. You do not need to count calories. It is important to watch what you do and what you eat. Eat some more primal nutrition and less manufactured foods. also lower on the carbs and eat more healthy proteins. In addition, it is of course a good idea to avoid saturated fats. Choose unsaturated fats from fish and lean meat.

Lose fat through exercise

Do you want to be slim and stay slim? It is important to choose a lifestyle with more time for sports and exercise. Choose to go to work by bicycle or take the stairs instead of the elevator. And if you do go to work by car, park the car a few blocks away from your work. By moving more and more you build more muscle mass. And with more muscle mass, it is possible to burn more calories. Even if you sit still you will lose more fat than if you have less muscle.

A higher metabolism! And thus lose fat! When you train you will lose fat during exercise. Also, you will build muscle mass what  will help in the long run. In addition, your metabolism will go up. And this makes it possible to enjoy a higher metabolism, even days after the training. You will lose and burn fat even days after training. Good news!

Some tips to lose fat!

It is important to alternate a cardio workout and strength training together. With the right combination you will lose more fat. For example you can choose a workout with a kettlebell. A kettlebell workout stimulates the creation of hormones which helps to lose fat. Especially in the beginning, this will give a strong effect on your results!

Eat smarter to lose fat!

Choose to drink more green tea, include more fish and nuts in your diet. Also eat more avocados and choose lean meats. Avoid saturated fats and eat plenty of vegetables.

Fat loss is a combination of proper diet and exercise!

If you eat wiser especially by avoiding carbohydrates (potatoes, bread, pasta and pizza) you will lose more fat faster. With a healthy diet your will burn the fat in your body faster. And this can be done by doing more sports and exercise. By adjusting your daily routine you will lose more fat. Go by bike to work and do errands by bike. Choose also to go to the gym or to go swimming and more. You’ll get plenty of fat loss in a very easy and simple way. And that is obviously good news.

Rinse the waste and fat from your body! losing-fat-whats-the-secret-unusual-tips-to-quickly-burn-stubborn-belly-fat-dietfitness-weight-loss