If you think kicking a dog is fun. Think again! See how these animals take revenge?

dog revenge
dog revenge


Animals can be surprisingly intelligent and sometimes they understand much more than we think. Having intelligent animals is fun, but it sometimes can be problematic, as a man experienced firsthand when a street dog took his parking space in China.

Dogs are extremely territorial bound animals. That’s why you better not mess with the dog’s basket or a special hole they have dug to hide something. Dogs can have an incredibly protective eye on their food, their food bowl or their toys.

This man came home and saw that his parking space was taken by the dogs. Obviously he wanted the park as close as possible and he gave the dog a kick and drove him away. The dog was equally deterred and the man thought he was safe, but not for long!

if-you-think-kicking-a-dog-is-fun-think-again-see-how-these-animals-take-revenge-petsSeveral hours later, when the man was sleeping, the dog came back with a bunch of friends and they took revenge on his car. There they were gathered around the car of the man and gnaw on everything they could and destroyed the car.

The dogs made such a noise that the husband and some neighbors were alarmed.

A neighbor saw what was happening and made these pictures.

You would think that the dogs cannot do much damage, but the wipers where destroyed and the car was pretty full scratches.

This shows once again how important it is to respect animals instead of treating them like dirt. We cannot imagine a better example for a revenge of the dog!