How to organize the perfect picnic

perfect picnic

In the Summer It’s really inviting to go outside. But whether we are still rewarded with a lot of sunshine, or it remains cloudy throughout the day, with these tips your picnic is anyway successful.

  1. Environment

Even a dead simple sandwich with cheese is delicious in the right environment. But while much depends on the environment you choose. From your own garden or a green spot in the woods, or a blanket by the fireplace in the living room. You can choose it, as long as it is cozy.

It is also important that you have a comfortable picnic place, especially if you have older guests. Take for example a couple of chairs with you for them, so they do not have to sit on in the grass. For other guests, it is sufficient to lay a soft blanket on the ground, so the beautiful surroundings certainly continue to prevail.

The equipment, a picnic basket for your food and drinks of course essential. You can go for a traditional wicker basket, but there are also backpacks and trolleys that are specially designed for picnicking. Take cups, plates and cutlery with you, but keep it modest. A picnic is not a four-course dinner.


  1. Food

Some picnic areas, they provide a barbecue, where you can coock your meat. However, remember that these sausages, burgers and sauces are often are hidden calorie bombs.

If you want to keep something healthy, you can go for the following options:

– Try a salad with white beans, tomatoes, tuna or even a potato, chorizo and feta frittata.

– Sandwiches are ready to make fast and easy to carry. Dare to choose dare something other than the traditional ham sandwiches.

– Cheese is also a good choice because it is easy to transport and suitable for your vegetarian friends. Serve eg several pieces of cheese with bread and fresh fruit.

  1. Drink

A homemade drink is perfect for a nice surprise on a picnic. Surprise your guests with your kitchen skills!

How to make your own sweet drink:

  • Do raspberries 250 gram together with 125 grams of sugar in a blender.
  • Pass the mixture through a sieve to remove seeds.
  • Add the juice and finely grated peel of two lemons, and 500 milliliters of still or sparkling water.
  • You can also add white wine for adults.
  • Finish with ice to serve.
  1. Relaxation

To keep everyone a bit busy after dinner, it’s a good idea to prepare some activities and bring the right equipment.

Both adults and children take example of traditional games such as sack race, tug of war, relay races and petanque. Those who prefer an easier picknick, can have fun with cards or a game of poker.

It is also a good option to ask your guests whether they wish to bring a great game. That goes for food: everyone can provide a certain way, from the aperitif to dessert. Atmosphere guaranteed!