How do you deal with your inner critic?


We all have an internal critic. It’s that little voice in your head that everywhere you go it has something to be desired. And the joke is that it does not really matter what you do or think, it’s never the intention of that internal critic (IC)

Probably the IC has a positive intention with all this criticism, as you guard against all kinds of calamity or disaster. But the IC can create a mind of its own.

An exercise that helps you deal with that internal critic.

1 Give your IC a nickname. This will take you to see your IC as a separate entity. That makes you independent of that voice. My IC called “the Executive Board”.

2 Put two chairs down and sit on the chair of the IC and let all the criticism and all that comment go out of you head. (Not too long, a minute is more than enough)

3 Then sit on your ‘own’ chair, in addition to the IC and look at the IC and ask yourself, if there was actually someone in that chair that would provide me this kind of comment, would I take that seriously? How would I handle it? The most likely reaction is that of: what is this neurotic crazy!

But on no account go into a discussion with your IC. That is exactly where he wants you to do. And then the endless brooding has started.

4 Close your eyes and breathe out the excitement of this encounter with the IC and bring that to your heart.

5 Send to exhale all the good energy, all the positivity from your heart throughout your body. You transform the negativity of your IC this way in your heart to nourishing and healing energy.

6 Repeat this a few minutes with a Buddha smile “on your face.