“Happiness Feeling grows by consuming fruits and vegetables’



Eating fruits and vegetables can make people feel happier. Each additional serving up to eight servings per day provides an increase in the feeling of happiness.

Researchers from the University of Warwick, England and the University of Queensland, Australia, followed 12,000 people with different ages and backgrounds. The participants kept a food diary for years and were extensively studied by psychologists and psychiatrists.

happiness-feeling-grows-by-consuming-fruits-and-vegetables-foodParticipants from almost no eat fruit and vegetables went to eight servings daily, experienced a feeling of happiness similar to finding a job after a long period of unemployment. The improvements in the feeling of happiness arose within two years and any other reasons for increasing happiness was taken into account

“Eating fruits and vegetables apparently improves in much faster time emotional frame than the people’s good health. Sometimes people are demotivated to eat fruits and vegetables because they feel that it does not work fast enough for their health. But now we have discovered this that might be a reason to still eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, “said lead researcher Andrew Oswald at Science Daily.

The researchers hope their study to lay the groundwork for the study of antioxidants.