Get rid of diabetes-2 with a fat, low-carbohydrate diet


Diabetes is a chronic disease, as had been thought. But through eat different and to eat less fast carbohydrates people can get rid of their type 2 diabetes studies show. On a small scale there have been already some experiments with this.

For years, nutritionists actually gave the wrong advice. Low fat was the motto, but it is now it is just out of the question.

There are now projects in which patients manage to reserve their diabetes 2. They may, of course, eat vegetables, but also mayonnaise and cheese. However, they should greatly reduce their pasta and bread intake. The first results are promising. More than two-thirds of diabetic patients have this diet and with more exercise their medication is less necessary.

A friend of mine John Jones from New York had to inject insulin. Insulin is now untouched in the house. John has been tracking the pilot for half a year and is namely diabetes-free. He feels liberated. The new way of life does take discipline, but he has gained control over his own body, he says.

Nearly 10% of all Americans suffer from diabetes type 2. This number is increased rapidly. Medication fights just some symptoms of diabetes, but the patient does not heal. Diabetes costs the American society now more than 322 billion per year (type 1 and 2 combined). If nothing changes, these costs will increase by 2025 to more than 500 billion per year.