Everybody has his or hers own Belly!


Flabby belly, ‘bulging’ abdomen, love handles or flatulence? We all want a flat stomach. But what we often fail to realize that there are different types of ‘bellies’ which require a different approach to ultimately achieve our goal. Abdominal Exercises are always good. But you really want to see results, it is important to ask yourself what kind of tummy you now actually .have

The flabby belly If the belly is flabby than abdominal exercises is for you the most effective method. You can easily perform this at home with abdominal exercises:

The abdominal muscles

Lie on your back, pull up your legs, put your hands behind your head and now come slowly with your head, shoulders and the upper part of your back up. You can during this exercise the best fix your gaze on a point on the ceiling. Concentrate on your abdominal muscles and use your neck muscles as possible. Try the motion 30 times behind one another to carry out (3 series).

The obliques


The same starting position as above. Move your head and shoulders upward but also sideways, right 20 times, left 20 times (for experienced among you: 3 series). The above exercises are basic exercises. Do them slowly and concentrated and you feel your muscles working. You have the opportunity to do them in a group in the gym then it is probably more effective than exercise at home. The sports teacher will let you perform variations on these exercises and will help you increase your limit (if we train ourselves, we tend to prefer “born tired”). Except abdominal exercises it is also important that you take good care of your skin. Use, after a shower, always a moisturizing cream to keep the skin in good condition. Sometimes you can also use it on the skin of the abdomen and on the rib cage to prevent cellulite. In this case, an anti-cellulite cream. The “bulging belly” With a bulging belly, the fat is concentrated in the middle of the abdomen, around the navel. Again it is important to watch what you eat (and drink). Avoid sugar and sweets and alcohol, Exercise and sports regularly and do the oblique abdominal exercises (abdominal muscles near your stomach do will look bigger when you exercise a lot and your total volume thus increases).

The “spare tire belly”

The so-called love handles arise because fat accumulates in the waist. Abdominal Exercises are always good but to get rid of love handles, you will (unfortunately!) have to do a lot more. Additional efforts should exhibit at both at home and in the gym. Do not worry: we’re not going to put on a strict diet! You only have to watch what you eat. Scoop your portions slightly smaller, don’t eat candy (just don’t buy it) and be careful with alcohol, eat lots of vegetables and drink enough water every day. Walk instead of using your car, take the stairs instead of the elevator and join the aerobics classes at the gym.

The “twist belly”

A good abdominal exercise to get rid of love handles is the twist (do this exercise if you have back problems – then consult a fitness instructor): Take a light wooden stick (can also be the stick broom without the head), go down on a flat bench, put the stick on your shoulders and move your body now to the left and to the right (you continue to look forward so your head does not move). Enter the movements concentrated and slowly. Don’t turn too far to left and right, to avoid back injuries. The “swollen” belly

the swollen belly is not caused by an accumulation of fat but due to bloating or flatulence (gas in the abdomen).

Fluid retention in the first case, it is important that you moderate the use of salt, eat lots of fruits and vegetables per day and drink at least one liter of water. Please note that off-the-shelf products (ready-to-eat food, bread, canned goods but also cheese and even cookies) often contain more salt than you might think. Diuretic vegetables: fennel, celery and asparagus. Furthermore, make sure that your diet contains enough fiber. Flatulence Flatulence is often caused by stress. Reduce stress as much as possible! Also make sure you eat and talk quietly so you do not “air in” gasps. So take the time for your meals. Avoid foods that can further contribute to the formation of gas such as legumes (white, brown and red beans, peas, lentils and peas), and do not eat fruits immediately after meals.

Constipation (constipation)

Do you suffer from constipation (difficult bowel movements), then go for a balanced diet with plenty of fiber. Eat at regular times (especially don’t skip breakfast) and sport regularly. And make time for defecation (an aspect that is often forgotten), if necessary, take a book, and relax. More often than one thinks, constipation is caused by stress and lack of time.