Dog saves life of little boy sleeping (7) with diabetes


It was the middle of the night and the whole family was a sleep. So no one had noticed that the blood sugar levels of the 7-year-old Luke was dangerously low. Nobody, except labrador Jedi.


The assistance dog jumped up to wake the unsuspecting mother Dorrie. Then she poked her son, she discovered that she was only just in time. His glucose level was 57 extremely low. “Without Jedi we would never have noticed that Luke was no longer in the safe zone,”  the American mother wrote on her Facebook page.

The Nose
For though Luke has all kinds of devices to monitor his health situation, there was not going to ring any alarm. So nothing can match dog Jedi who is trained to protect Luke in these situations. Like a dog detects drugs or bombs, Jedi uses his nose to check if everything is in order.

Steve decided to share her story on Facebook because she wants to make people aware of the dangers of type 1 diabetes, a form of diabetes that occurs very little in America. “We have no one in the family with diabetes, I knew nothing about it. Nothing at all,” the mother tells CBS News.

In the video you see Jedi into action as Luke’s blood sugar is too low.

About the relationship between the boy and his guide dog the mother tells: “The bond is very strong and beautiful. They really love each other. “According to Steve the help of Jedi goes beyond merely identifying health problems. “He ensures that Luke never is alone and does not need to be afraid. He really is his mate.”

Source: CBS