Daily Diet tip


Write down what you eat – eliminate nonessential food

This sounds simple and it is. Write down what you eat each day. What are you willing to
let go? Begin there and you will see that you often eat just out of boredom or bad
motivation. Check especially the snacks. These calories can be significant during the day, while
thus contributing to an excess of calories per day.

When you have a good overview of what you’ve often immediately take every day you have aause to address the extra pounds. It is a good start to bring weight loss route to

Create the basis with a list you eat and create a schedule and you will see after a few weeks
it goes better every day. It is also possible that you eat on the wrong hours during the day.

You can do  often with less food or by better timing,  so you do not get the hunger feeling. You create better timing when you begin with a breakfast, later lunch or dinner at an earlier time.