Be gentle with your body!


Your body is a vehicle of the soul. By fully connected with your body, you are in deep contact with your inner self, your soul. It is important to take good care of your body in your life. It is the temple of your soul. The body is very intelligent and knows how to cure it. But we should give it a chance. Often we put enormous pressure on our body and it does not get a chance to heal itself. So pay attention to your body. Very many people have a love-hate relationship with their body. They are much more concerned with how it looks, and there are often very dissatisfied. The body is neglected. You eat too mutch food that has hardly any nutritional value. Healthy diet and sufficient exercise is essential for the body and for the contact with your soul. The less you feel physically, the less easy it is to communicate with your soul. So liberate our energy Through your body you can release for example, stuck energies. Unpleasant experiences are stored in our body as it does not get the chance to release them. Because of this situation, people can once again relate to that experience, before the body gets a chance to resolve it. Of course, this happens unconsciously. There is a method to learn how to get in contact with your body and that is Yoga. Love Pamela.