10 months sports and healthy life: my results – part 2



is not smart! It will not make you happy and it is very bad for you. Overeating is particularly important if you are going to exercise!

How do you stay away from unhealthy things?

There is just one button in your head that you have to turn off and that is quite difficult. Therefore, I think it’s smart to take it easy so you can get used to the idea of not overeat. If you occasionally reward yourself with something unhealthy it is much better than if you eat it every day. I am now at a point where I can really enjoy for example a chocolate bar, but when I have him, I also think: okay now it’s back for a break. After a while it came automatically. If you really cannot keep going than do half the amount that you would normally take. It’s really up to you how much you want it I guess.

Super foods

I do not. I think it is overpriced and ordinary fruits and vegetables go totally fine with me . I tried one time Goji berries… I was unhappy 😀


You’ve probably already read a million times in your life: water is very important. I drink water throughout the day and have spent the past months minimize soft drinks, alcohol and fruit juice drink. When I wake up I drink two glasses of water immediately and continue just throughout the day. If you find water boring than make some fruit water.


I have tried many times to start running but it’s just not really my thing. I decided to switch to spinning. The first three classes were heavy and I had to really just get through it. Then I started to like it more and more, and even now I look forward to the lessons. I worked out in the local gym.

I feel so good after such a lesson, and at least I have the feeling that I’m good and hard in sports. Other cardio machines I did not use. Besides spinning I do a lot of strengthing. I now spend around three to four times a week in the gym. I rotate spinning and strength training. I also still do (abdominal) exercises on the floor. I found those on YouTube (Blogilates) and of course are on this website.

Weight training!!!

In my view, many woman are a little afraid of this, but that’s not necessary. I have done eight months of weight training and do I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger? No: D By weight training your body it becomes tighter and I read that you burn fat faster when you have more muscle mass. I was initially afraid that my arms and legs would be fatter when my arm and leg muscles would work much but that turned out not to be the case. My arms and legs are therefore just become tighter and thinner.

I think a lot of woman think they have to do cardio as much as possible for a tight body, but you really have to be on the power section! It’s best to just ask a trainer at the gym to what exercises are appropriate for you, I cannot help you unfortunately.

tomorrow part 3 and my final result