10 months sports and healthy life: my results – part 3/final.

10 months exercise
10 months exercise

My road to fitness and don’t count calories!

My tip: you don’t it the hard way and don’t count calories. It is about how you feel and how you look. Therefore weigh yourself one time when you start your new lifestyle and one time when you’re satisfied, just because it is nice to know how much is off. The same applies to counting calories. Make sure you develop a diet which is fine for you, but count only one time one day how many calories you ingest to check whether you’re on the right path. Maybe you eat too little and you have to eat more (yes!). If you’re just going to focus on small numbers you make it, at least in my opinion, hard on yourself. It is about how you feel. How many calories that is, is not that important if your focus is right.


I often get asked where I found the time to exercise. I’m busy all day with my blog and in addition I am also a college study (a year crammed into half a year), so pretty busy. Sports have become my spare time for me. Previously, I was sitting and looking around on the couch to watch the Internet or television aimlessly, now I spend those hours in the gym.

To be patient

Ideally of course you want to see results as soon as possible, but unfortunately it is not from one day to another. I, myself, it took me three months to see a difference in my body for the first time. And after that moment it went fast!

Take photos

Nothing works more motivating than change. So make a picture every first day of the month so that you can put several months together. I put a lock on my phone and put the photos in a folder far away in my blocked phone.


I was going to make me feel better and better and it felt like a nice rhythm. I also decided at some point to set my alarm at 7am and just go out of bed. That was just hard for two weeks but since then I am in a rhythm. Before, I often could not sleep at night and now it’s like I sleep when I lay my head down on my pillow. Then I sleep at a stretch until the alarm sounds again. Delicious!


If I look back, I would probably have seen faster results with the help of a dietician and a personal trainer. And if I had stayed on the pizzas and chocolate bars too. But after all I don’t care: the point is that you have fun. I have been offered a personal trainer and dietician but I decided not to do it. That would have been all too serious for me I think. Moreover, I thought it was a super nice chance to sort things out and try if for myself. If you want to really like it you can do it!

What I will do now

Keep up the good work I guess, because I’m really comfortable with my body. Even in the summer I walk, exercise, eat healthy and get up early. And I want a muscular belly!

That was my story! If you have any questions to me, you can set it below the article. I do my best to answer them as soon as possible. Again, I hope this will inspire people. I’ve never felt so good and I want a lifestyle like this for anyone 🙂

p.s. if you compare my photo’s in part 1 and 2 you can see the difference, I must tell you in all honesty I went to the beautician, had a nice suntan and went to a professional photographer after 10 months. But then again, why not enjoy my new ME!. 🙂