10 months sports and healthy life: my results – part 1

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In October 2015 I decided it was time for change. I added three pounds, I was lazy, often lay in my hours in bed, and I often had little energy. All this together made sure that I was not comfortable in my own body. I wanted to create a nice rhythm and live in a healthy and beautiful body, full of energy. Now, some 10 months later, I managed! I feel great, I pack a nice rhythm and I’m very happy with my body. In this article I look back and I’ll tell you about how I dealt with it all.

One advance

I never found myself really fat, but to me just all a bit tighter. Furthermore, I’m going to tell everything from my own experiences. I’m no expert in sport and / or food, so I cannot say what is and is not good for you. I hoping to show you how I dealt with it and I’ll give some tips that have helped me. With my story I hope to inspire you!

In brief

I eat and I worked out a lot. My extra pounds are gone again. I’ve done a lot of spinning and strength training in order to achieve this result. I also walked a lot. After 3 months I saw myself for the first time difference in my body.

Make it fun for yourself!

Was it challenging? No, I found the last 10 months just great fun. Making fun of yourself, I think is the most important thing. Many people go on diets, but I do not think that helps. You then quickly fall back into an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s your way of life that you’ll have to adapt. And that is not nothing, so take it easy. You want to live healthy and want to change your body does not mean you can’t eat unhealthy stuff no more. Chocolate, pizza..  I find it tremendously tasty and I have eaten it sometimes in recent months. If you’re going to starve, go see healthy living as something heavy yourself, something that you have to abandon and that is not the intention. Just occasionally something unhealthy is not bad, as long as it remains in balance. I’ve always eaten healthy as possible so I could just do it with friends on occasions like birthdays and evenings along with the cake and some wines.

Quiet start

To adjust your lifestyle from one day to another is very difficult. Your body should not only get used to, but your head (way of doing and thinking) too. I had a slow start. Fewer and fewer sweets, cookies and sodas and more healthy things to try to see what is and is not tasty. So roll it slowly.


I did not have any help from an expert in this. This part I picked up myself a little with the help of the Internet. For me, it has helped to stop eating bread. This didn’t filled my stomach and it didn’t gave me energy, cornflakes did (yes, I know there is much sugar in it but that does not matter to me). I’m then tried everything and started to look for things that give me energy. For me, for example, nuts, fruits, bananas, eggs, avocados, oranges, tomatoes, chicken and much more. After my breakfast I basically eat all day little things (with breaks of about one hour) until supper. This is to keep my body going, I have all day satiety. This works perfectly fine for me.

Tomorrow part 2!